My name is Grace. I live in Asheville, North Carolina. I have two daughters. I'm passionate about so many things. I mostly involve myself with gardening and farming, yoga, ancient wisdom traditions, connecting with new and old friends, traveling to new places, reading, and seeing live music (I love the band Phish). I'm currently starting a new chapter in life. A marriage of 17 years ended. I'm building a school that focuses on farming and regenerative agriculture. Nature is our teacher, I'm simply the guide. I see food as medicine. I view soil as a way we can heal the Earth. Children need to learn and know these messages. I do not subscribe to the mainstream American programming. I know what works for me, my body, and my family. I always return to the Earth for answers I'm seeking. Thanks for starting this "get to know you" conversation. I love what you are doing on Substack. Excited to follow you along your journey.

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Reading your introduction, it is really refreshing to know that some people are out there trying different things, on a true endeavor towards happiness and not comfort. I too struggle with the sense of career and purpose in life and also with the overall meaning of true financial independence associated to what we end up pursuing. A great couple of questions that I ask myself are: if money didn't exist, would my job exist? If money wasn't a necessity, would I be doing this job?

My name is Miguel, I'm from Portugal and I'm passionate about life and its immense array of possibilities.

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